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Introducing Wireless Control!


TouchOSC for mobile devices RtpMIDI compatible for Windows
Easily Configured in web browser +/- 5V Eurorack Outputs
MIDI Thru Transmit Jack Smart Clock Output
Server or Client Connectivity Up to 8 Multi-function CV Outputs
8 Custom Panel Configurations Up to 10 Trigger/Gate Outputs
WiFi Status LED's Onboard USB Firmware Updateable
ONLY 6 HP / APPX. 36 MM DEPTH MIDI Note to 1V/Oct  CV Outputs
Configurable MIDI CC#'s to Jacks DIY KIT AVAILABLE
4 OSC/MIDI Controlled LFO's & Sum 128 Step Sequencer OSC/MIDI Controlled

"WiFi with 8 Channels and 2 auxiliary channels in 6HP is worth the space"



Simultaneous MIDI Control of 8 Outputs:
Each of the 8 CV jacks can output the level of a MIDI CC# or touchOSC element or the velocity from a MIDI note as a gate with varying voltage of +/- 5V or 0V to 5V, depending on the note. The Notes can therefore also act as simple triggers, or level tuned "trigger this but not that" if split to multiple modules, or used with a logic module for polarity based signal mixing. Note-offs always return to zero volts.
 Each of the "white" CV outputs can be used as 1V/Oct in conjunction with it's corresponding black Gate Output giving possible control of 4 VCO's/Env/VCA's.
This can be done without changing any settings as the MIDI Channel Notes & CC's are sent on (customizable) is the switch.
MIDI Output:
All MIDI Note, CC, Pitch Wheel, Program Change, and SysEx data can be sent through the WiFiMIDI to another piece of MIDI hardware. All Channel or specific channel can be chosen to be output. *Requires MIDI Patch to standard 5 Pin DIN dongle, which we can supply.
This output can also be used as another trigger if not being used as a MIDI output.

Clock Output:
To avoid troublesome deviation inherent in clock signals via WiFi a "smart clock" algorithm derives clock tempo from Notes, previous play, or a specific note on a loop track to ensure you're always in sync. The clock output can continue after the MIDI sequence has stopped, so resembles a tap-tempo.
 The Clock output can also be used as a standard trigger or gate output, or as a clock input in sequencer configuration plus more (MTC send under dev.)
MIDI CC Smoothing:
MIDI CC's are fairly low resolution, 128 levels, while the WiFiMIDI (and touchOSC) is 4096 levels. This is not an issue with many CV apps, but when controlling a delicate filter or modulation steppiness is a no-go. Luckily there's MIDI CC smoothing that ramps between these steps in level, giving a smoothed transition.
Can join existing network or act as a server. Settings / configurations can be made in web browser.
LED's on panel are dimmable to suit your environment. LED's per jack for output indication, Link status, connection status, MIDI output, Clock output

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