Fresh Nelly (AKA Sandrine Sims)  Bio 1999 - 2013  
Fresh Nelly phased into existance in 1999 as an electro-pop artist, now out of the closet French and English with a Euro-hard-house-trance-dance style which signatured her first release  "Menage A Trois"
Unique electrik-eclectik-dyslexik sounds have continued to vibe out ever since. Her recent emphasis on live instruments surrounded by "neuro-electronica" was emphasized in her quirky and loud newest CD release, ComicBooks.
Videos are available at as a new flavour addition to the free mp3s. Her most recent 3 albums are available at
CDbaby, or for download at  iTunes.

In 2011, she nervously started performing live, and has grown comfortable with performing full sets, alone, on stage. The shy performances started out as acoustic guitar, then piano, but in keeping with her electronic music background, a good portion of her performances now are computer-assisted.  " The fullness of having accompaniment completes the music, but some see it as merely a karaoke act, even though instruments are being played. " Sandy comments.
This criticism has been used in a constructive way as she is now working on a production musical involving a video screen, computers, freaked electronics, and of course, Sandy center stage! 

Sandy has many years of experience with electronics, and uses that knowledge to create her stage show. Lighting, DJ equipment, MIDI controllers, and control boxes, all built to "perform".  With a soldering iron in one hand, and a PC board in the other, Sandy concludes  " I'm always looking for new and unique ways to present my music! Something beyond the norm, something unforgettable."


 Fresh Nelly's New Music Genre:

  For years she has composed and written electronic styles of music, with some success, but due to a change in location to the creative heart of western Canada, she has been influenced more into Blues, and Folk styles. Jamming with the locals has made her realize that there's a lot to explore in these genres. After about a year, she's started to fuse Blues with electronic/pop styles. The results have been fun and interesting for all. " I am still a raver at heart, and simply feel that getting up and dancing to great beats is absolutely king!"

 She didn't know it, but the masses are always correct in these interpretations, She actually has a great singing voice! So I'm not afraid to pull up a mic and belt it out loud. She's been described in a local publication as having a "bedroom voice" but Sandy queries " I am still trying to figure that one out! "

 So in conclusion, right now her music is all over the place, which is never boring to listen to right? P.S. "I hate dealing with genre classification!!"



  Sandrine was born in the UK, lived in France, then came to Canada as a child. She won some scholarships for music/vocal during high school so have some college level
( partying,  drinking, getting stoned etc ) music understanding.
Contrary to popular belief, she alone is  the soul person behind Fresh Nelly Musik. " I do all of my own videos, and videos for other musicians/bands now I have more time,  minutes instead of seconds, in my life. " She  took to 3-d video design and CG way back in 2002 as a direct result of wanting to produce something to go with her music.
"I think all us musicians have that urge as it compliments and explains some of the thought that went into the piece of music in the first place."

 She is also creative in other ways including painting in oil, writing Flash programs, writing microchip PIC programs, and designing electronics to suit her needs.
On top of all that, (yes there's more!) Sandy and her partner have built an ocean going sailing vessel and plan to cruise around the world some day. (There is now a youTube
 channel with video from her 10 part TV series "The Big Sailboat Project" which is being carried by The Sailing Channel  in the US.
  As for sailing and anchoring she adds, "with an onboard music  studio I 'm in seventh heaven on the high seas! You never know when the creative bug will bite ya!"


 Sandy has many influences for her music, from Bach to Ravel to Alice Cooper. Here's some of the main influences:
 E.L.O., Eurythmics, Michel Sardou, Supertramp, Beatles, David Bowie, Prince, Van Halen, Elton John, Nina Hagen, Jamie (Edward Campfire)  Nuotio, my Father.

Future Plans:

 To do more performances, do a bit of musical touring around the sunshine coast by boat or car, participate in more music festivals with bigger audiences.
 Build a "performance trailer" to tour campsites, fairs,  and other outdoor venues.
 Continue developing the light show. Do more cross  DJ'ing / performing.
 Perform an animated  musical. (2014)
 Release a DVD-Audio Album (2013)
 Sail around the world for inspiration.

My personal motto:
 Life is short, life is sweet, give me something good to eat. In other words, we're only here for a short time, make it count. home page

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Thanks to Jamie Nuotio & Peter Locke for all the wonderful new inspirations

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