Modules that may be perfect for you!

The Featured Module is the SDS_VCO

The 3HP SDS_VCO is a 16 waveform wavetable VCO with quantizing option and 3 user programmable WAV slots. There is also a built-in Envelope Generator that saves space in your skiff and cuts the "cost per voice" in any system. This VCO is perfect for adding a melodic sequence behind the main VCO's or can be the main VCO voice ready for a filter or direct mix.

WAV's with a square wave element can be width modulated via the MOD input, while others can be FM'ed with the bipolar input. There are many features including a MOD recorder to modulate then use the MOD for something else like selecting CV offsets, Envelope elements, or scale quantizations.

The LED's are colored in a VU meter fashion as they will act as an indicator of intensity on the true VCA.

With the MIDI option, notes can be sent to the selected MIDI channel effectively doubling as a basic CV2MIDI

Besides a VCO, an audio firmware load can change the SDS_VCO into a Delay/FX/Distortion module, or a Drum Sounds module with 16 tunable drums.
As an FX module there are 8 audio delay/freeze/echo/karplus FX and 8 types of distortion FX including a wave chopper/inverter, bitcrush, and user tuned waveshape vector distortion.

All this for a mere $130 makes the SDS_VCO a great addition to any rig!

For more info on the SDS_VCO click here