Utility CV Module

Shifts any CV Input at 1V/Octave

3 X CV I/O A, B, C 2 X CV I/O A, B with Clock & Reset
Settable Glide (portamento) 1V/Oct Quantizing Option
Octave +/- Shift keys CV Shift Step Recorder Internal or Clock & Reset
Bi-color LED's indicate Key status CV input Step Recorder (1V/Oct)
Simple CV Keyer with no inputs 8 Step Sequencer / CV state Recorder
Chord Latch for A, B, C (max triadic) Tunable Keys Setup
Clocked Arpeggiator (A & B) Triple 1V/Oct Sub/Bass VCO (with key offsets)


The SDS KeyShift Module combines some unique CV modification features into a ( will be) 6HP footprint. The prototype turned out to be a little too small so the new version will have some extra buttons (to defeat the combination keys-->function) and a 3rd column of jacks to isolate clock, gate, & reset.
I have found this module very useful for various functions outside of the original 1V/Oct key-shifting of CV I/O. The Record function, which records the keys pressed over a long period if desired, is especially useful and simple.

Many times I just want to be able to record a cycle through some offsets to shift chords or an Arp up or down, in real time, clocked, and this fits the need. As a sequencer it's quite fun. In real time, pressing 1 of the first 8 keys will program it with whatever is coming into the CV's. This can be useful for adding a Layer to another VCO(s) by mult-ing from the CV to the original VCO(s) which will play the same notes but in different orders, constantly updated by pressing a key representing a step.
The Sequencer can also be programmed by selecting a step, then within a second pressing a key / note whether running or not.

By default the keys pressed will shift all of the CV's by the same amount, but if multiple keys are pressed then CV A,B,C will be shifted by ascending keys.

A CV Step Recorder will capture CV's at the gate (clock in prototype) until a reset pulse, then loop the sequence. Each key is tunable if desired, but with normalized (no) CV input, up to 3 VCO's can be auto-calibrated (by patching VCO output into clock jack), one for each jack if you want to use quantizing and have perfect pitch.

As an additional feature, pressing a key combination (on production module) will enable a triple Sub/Bass VCO (1V/Oct) that outputs 3 nice sine waves in the lower frequency ranges used for bass and sub, thus sparing your existing VCO's the burden!

The SDS KeyShift Module is being considered for production.  If you have any opinions or thoughts, don't hesitate to contact me!



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