Utility MIDI Module


Channel to Channel MIDI Conversion Single Channel to MPE Zone 1&2
3 x CV2MIDI Smart CV-->MPE Insertion
2 PORT MIDI Merging Quick PC Change (Programmable/CV-able)
MIDI Filters (Programmable) BPM Clock Generator
CV to MIDI Clock CC Toggle Matrix (Keys)
Chord Keys List (programmable) Gated Panel Chords/Notes Recorder
Clocked Arpeggiator Select-Bus Master


The SDS RECHAN MIDI Utility Module is primarily a MIDI Channel converter. It was originally designed to test the Accord Sequarallel allowing immediate selection of an output channel from any input channel. Many keyboards/controllers have multi-channel ability but aren't easy to switch. My main keyboard have 2 channel slots so changing it was a lot of menu-diving.

The large keys make it very easy to use during a performance, plus it removes "running status" messages to convert to standard MIDI, thus making it compatible with some synths and sample players that don't understand running status.
The MIDI inputs/output are backplane configurable to either polarity (type 1/2) so can be used as a polarity switcher for TRS.
The backplane also has a MIDI LINK I/O which can also Merge MIDI input to the panel output and acts as a duplicate output, or a single output from one of the inputs.

The chord keys mode (selected on 1st level encoder scroll) has a different chord or note on every key which can act as it's own Gate to send the chord, or be gated via CV input to the panel. Each key is programmable with up to 8 notes that will send (or Arpeggiate if Arp is turned on, latching option) when pressed, or when a Gate occurs.  A stepped loop sequence can also be created by selecting record and playing keys real-time with a clock or gate, or selecting steps (auto-step).

Program Changes can also be set by pressing a Channel key, then the PC up/down. 16 select user PC's can be programmed which is also very useful in a performance environment. PC's can also be controlled via CV input.

MIDI MPE (Multi-channel Polyphonic Expression) can also be catered to by pressing 1 & 2 (zone1) or 15 & 16 (zone 2). All incoming chords will be distributed to MPE format. CV's can be programmed to 1 of the 5 expressions and are applied in real time by recording the first keyboard key down and applying to the rest of the keys as they come down for the duration held. This is as close as one can get to producing true MPE from a standard keyboard or controller.

This module is not in production, but is being considered for the future. If you have any opinions or thoughts, don't hesitate to contact me!



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