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Slomen Got my hands on a second hand RLL and just spent 2 hours with the Complete Idiots guide and I most say I´m already in love with this module! Going to take some time and practice to get my grips around it but it was really what I was missing!
Thanks Sandrine for making such an awesome module! applause
Eric (Deep Forest) >> Hi Sandrine,
>> I got the Reflex and play with it for one week, it's just fantastic
>> creative tool for me, thanks a lot for doing it !
Laurent P.

(translated de fr.)

A neighbor that runs a large (modular) case manufacturing company received this module a few days ago, but at the time was completely overwhelmed by an influx of orders. He generously  let me mount this module in my box for a few days.
The module was the Reflex LiveLoop from SDS Digital, an emerging brand totally unknown until now.
An echo, looper, granular, slicer and more. I was very impressed.
I still can not see any reason why this wouldn't be heading straight towards the module of the year, or one of them in any case. I find it incredible that this brand is going  from the most unknown to the biggest. I think of Mutable Instruments of course but also  4ms.
Is it because it is a woman who is behind all this, with their lack of presence in the world of  modular, proving to us that they have a hell of a say in this universe?

Despite all of the instructions and sub-menus, use it your own way, because the manual, having chosen the one for idiots (truthful!),  still makes 51 pages (I haven't read all) which can discourage some .
For others this module offers a lot for little HP at an extremely reasonable price ($ 400).
I, for one,  am ordering it! Afterwards, we can very quickly make music with, and see later all the subtleties, especially in the Slicing Mode, the hardest I find to master. No screen, everything is there, but some buttons may change functions depending on the state. By practicing it regularly for a few days, things should seem pretty clear. Everything is controllable in CV / gate. The Phonogene in any case, has been gently pushed aside.

dmuirw This module is so crazy deep and the things you can do is wild.
youkon top! outstanding work applause
exper Holy smokes. That's a pretty awesome module.
sparood Any European dealers getting this ? Looks sick we're not worthy
CF3 Gotta say.... This looks fantastic! Congrats Sandrine. Pretty much blows every other modular sampler to date out of the water. And honestly, the price isn't bad either. The sheer amount of features, coupled with the audio quality is amazing. Raising the bar for sure w00t
Jens . . (transl.German) Have had the reflex Liveloop module now for some days and once you have tormented by the (complex) manual, there are in my view no better Eurorack Sampling Module for the price in the compactness.

The Liveloop does exactly what I have always wanted from Phonogens. It has more memory than the Tyme Sefari and more functions than the Ginkosynthesis Samplerslicer.
berfmurret freaking gorgeous! we're not worthy we're not worthy
mudlogger this looks amazing, some very informative videos and the feature set is hugely impressive. woah
John Colquhoun bonkers
2000cz i. need. this. module... amazing @_@
One of the best modules ever. I like to use one for glitched rhythms and the other for ambient beds. Great for soundscapes.
Southfork This sounds great! Receive mine last week and working fine and noiseless on tiptop studio zeus. Keep the upgrades coming. The stutter looks like it will be great, especially on percussion Rockin' Banana!
HeWhoWantsJeans "Stutter": This, like all of the work you've put into the Reflex, is incredible.
I love how this module just keeps improving. Every time I see a post from you in this thread I get excited and I'm thankful for everything you've done.
Thanks. thumbs up
T. Jervell Updated a couple of days ago. Had a great time playing with the stutter. Applied some granular playfx into the stuttering loop and everything went It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners

The ease of rate lock/unlock + delay divisions works like a charm!
Such an amazing module and what a great firmware update!!!
Thank you Sandrine applause
shreeswifty Sandy Congrats again on a wonderful build/job/module.
I love this thing
pzoot Nice picture. It sort of shows off the first thing I noticed when I opened mine ... just how sturdy this module feels. The layered boards in the back, the great knobs (same as Modcan Multimode Filter). And it's my only module with buttons that don't wiggle ... at all! The third thing I noticed was that it really was surprisingly easy to get going using the module (as predicted by Sandy). Was probably assisted by a decent amount of fear that led me to peruse the manual ahead of time. Without missing a beat I had sampled in echo mode, overdubbed, went into infinite echo, used the various playFX, the EQ, stopped playback, changed the speed/pitch, hooked up some 1v/Oct sequencing, etc. I'm sure there are a million things I'm not doing yet ... but I'm doing plenty!

(By the way, the second thing I noticed was that I'm not very good with the OSX Terminal and Arduino app when I updated the firmware ... but that wasn't too bad either ... at least I didn't have to play a file in 25 times at different amplified levels before it took!)
eight-eighth (Transl.German)...and now the main story: the reflex just sounds different! :lol:;-)
personally for me sampling and manipulation of the sample is MUCH more inspiring.
as said: think the two together are a dream team.