Add Dream Quality to your rack!

Stereo MIDI Synth with good quality MIDI GM instruments / percussion
64 Simultaneous voices
Modular level Stereo Outputs
Stereo headphones jack
Left/Right Level Controls and modular (+/-10V) input level mixing
OLED to configure MIDI filtering and MIDI Output steering
Dual function Clock/CV input
Clock input to create MIDI Clock for Delay FX & Output / Thru
CV Input to control Master levels (MIDI Synth) or any MIDI CC/Channel.
MIDI output on panel and backplane MIDI LINK I/O for merging or daisy-chaining
Real-time MIDI Recorder to capture hours of MIDI as "sessions"


The SDS SAM2695 MIDI-Synth module was named after it's amazing synth chip by Dream France, a company that excels in industrial GM / Wave table synths found in many products like all-in-one keyboards and rack mounted synths / boxes. If you have an off-brand commercial level GM keyboard, chances are there's one of their chips at it's heart. This is why I upgraded the module (seen in earlier videos, never heard!) from being called the VS-1053. That chip is better as a codec as the MIDI sounds it makes are barely valid or recognizable, and the percussion is horrible!! 
The audio does sound "MIDI-like" re: not  wavetables, but is very capable, and with some post modular FX / filtering can be a wonderful addition to your arsenal.

Here's a sample using the Sequarallel to drive it with some dev. song projects randomly selected.

Modular-ized with the higher level output capability and a built-in mixer that also has no issues with these high levels makes it a perfect in-line audio mixer/limiter for the final output before hitting your recording device or sound board.

The screen displays status and MIDI if set to do so, and jumps into a scrolling screen saver when in standby. With the up/down buttons you can make settings for the MIDI steering from the input to output, as well as from the backplane MIDI LINK I/O which is on all of the more recent SDS Digital modules.

The really amazing feature (besides the pure sound of the synth) is that "Record Monitoring" can be turned on to capture an entire session, then accessed by selecting it for playback at the input clock rate. Size quantizing can end the record after a certain number of measures for looping, continuous can capture everything in real time, or "VOX capture" will only capture MIDI while it is incoming, quantize to a measure, then pause to append more (so playback will be continuous MIDI).

While this feature wouldn't hold a candle to our super-MIDI sequencer module the Accord Sequarallel, it can create some loops and can record for hours at a time, which the Sequarallel can't do. Think of it as similar to one of those key-fob reminder recorders from the '90's.

The SDS SAM2695 Module is being considered for production.  If you have any opinions or thoughts, don't hesitate to contact me!


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