Welcome to the home site of the Big Sailboat Project!
  After nearly a decade, we're proud to say the boat is finished, and we're on the way to "pursuing the dream " aboard SV Dulcie-Darlene, out there somewhere! Enjoy the site!
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  The Build

This is the main part of the site. The entire boatbuilding experience is chronicled day by day in detail. Thousands of pictures, descriptions, diagrams, and  some video takes you on "a boat building adventure".
  The Video Series
VOLUME IClick here to get VOLUME I    Click here to get VOLUME II

At long last, the Big Sailboat Project DVD Series has been released!
Divided into 10 episodes, these 2 volumes are available now at The Sailing Channel
From the humble beginnings of erecting the first frame on a cement pad, to a finished cruiser heading into the Pacific ocean, this series will "take you there" for a taste of what boat building is really like.
View a Trailer   View intro(no narr)  View a sample

"...But I Can't Wait For The DVDs!!"  Download them at


Preparations for World Cruising
Moving the boat to the coast, installing the mast, the "Shakedown" , "More projects aboard" , and  "Cruising around"  are here!


  The Ships Log
Soon we'll be underway (again!), heading on the voyage of a lifetime! Whenever we can, these pages will be updated with pictures, video, and of course position logs. A turbo-charged logbook of sorts!

  Live Airmail Logs
These logs reside on the forum and will be posted by volunteers via airmail messages received through ham radio stations worldwide! This makes them the most up-to-date logs so check back often.
Yotreps Position Report
  YouTube Videos
Check out our building/sailing videos posted to youtube!
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  NEW!! "Sounds Of The Sea"
Download hi-quality MP3's of recordings I've made while under sail, on a beach, or at anchor
  Oceanic Music Research Project "SeaSong"
Not to be confused with the above sound recordings of life at sea, this project is the ocean actually composing music! The sensor system is just on the drawing board, but I'm about to test the prototype....(more)

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