Firmware Updates


Occasionally there may be a Firmware Update to improve the Reflex LiveLoop user interface or add features.
Please bookmark this page for future reference. Any updates will be posted on Muff Wiggler!

*Note: If the "Type" is not a Core update, then will be a single step using Arduino IDE
            If the "Type" is a Core update, then a second step of holding REC + PLAY when LEDs flashing is required
            -if you missed the LED's flashing to do core update, it will indicate "to-do" again on next power-up.

*Note2: You will need to install the CH340 driver for the Reflex to show as a Serial Port. See attached .pdf in zip file

Date: Type FWUD rev: Version: Specifics
May. 7 2018 .ino V.2.06 Fixes G-Move Knob+CV full right +5V lock up issue
(Required power cycle to reset) Tested 100%
Dec. 4 2017 .ino V.2.05 Fixes R/P SLice Play with LOOP LED off:
Loops to first slice created always.
Aug. 2 2017 .ino
V.2.04 Adds New CV Slice Select Option:
 1V/Octave Slice Selection. (Opt#7)
Feedback Auto-Cal no longer valid, but can still use Manual Calibration (much better!)
Added Hold LOOP during power-up to Reset to factory Options settings. (Leaves Fbk,MIDI CC's)
June 8 2017 .ino V.2.03 Improved DJ Mode handling with Slices
Fixed DJ Mode reverse entry bug
Fixed PlayFX Clock Out while ZC-Off bug
DJ Mode LED circle speed/direction display
Finalized all in V202beta (below)
June 3 2017 .ino V2.02beta Adds "Live Freeze" mode, silent running:
Blend fully CCW + PlayFX
Includes previous beta DJ mode 4th PlayFX.
(ReadMeV2.01beta in this zip also)
*Note these mods haven't been entirely tested but won't affect any existing modes so benign
PlayFX CV's unplugged will always return to the zero volts level. (they would hang sometimes)
Dec 1  2016 ino + Core V.2.00 Recommended Update with/without Flash-8 Exp
Adds MIDI functionality for Flash-8 Expansion board
Adds Flash Load/Save/Erase functions
Added G-Move Clock sync/capture recognition
Added G-Move Speed detents at +/- 1x and +/- 2x
Added Karplus Echo PlayFX handling
Added SGS time>Clk>back to time method
Limited SGS contin.rec. loop to 192 steps so aligns
Fixed Blend (knob) fast PlayFX Dry Muting issue
Fixed Rate "Record jump" clocking issue.
Fixed Rate Center LED jump at inf. Echo
Fixed Max Slices / Ram arbitration issue
Fixed R/P constant Record>Play handler
*All improvements/additions from 1.05beta tested
Oct  30 2016 ino + Core V1.05beta Added possible new features:
Stereo Pan G-Move (from mono input), Phonogene-like "Broken Echo" mode mono AC-in insertion.
Improved Core speed
Improved RP->PlayFX Rate handling
Flash-8+MIDI expansion preliminary software
Oct  16 2016 ino V1.04b Fixed Slice Modify bug:
Slice Modify and Slice Delete was no longer functioning after Slices G-Move fix
Sept 21 2016 ino + Core V1.04a New Features:
Live Pitch-Shifting, Global Slice Overdub.
Layer#1 PlayFX capture bug Fixed
R/P MODE button hold jump bug Fixed
1-Shot Slices playing as Loops after a G-Move from RP play bug Fixed
Improved Core by streamlining reads (play)
Sept 2 2016 ino + Core V1.03a Finalized New Features:
PlayFX 1-shot compat.,SGS Clockout, SGS Clockable Step Sequencer, PlayFX Stutter control, Stutter in GMove, New "sequential slices" (from REC & R/P play) 1-shot, and Looping Slices (from PlayFX, Echo, Layer running, and other Slices)
R/P mode Loop Mute bug fixed.
Reverse Slice Modifier issue fixed.
PlayFX Mod can grow LoopOff Slices larger.
Fixed SGS Entry for Clocking, immediately valid.
Removed little known REC during SGS play
Added SGS no-clock for 5 seconds=Reset to Step1
Aug 10 2016 ino + Core V1.03beta Adds New Features:
PlayFX 1-shot compat.,SGS Clockout, SGS Clockable Step Sequencer, PlayFX Stutter control, Stutter in GMove, New "sequential slices" 1-shot Slice play & "Loop Slices" under trigger and Slice button. Two defined Slice types.
R/P mode Loop Mute bug fixed.
July 18 2016 .ino + Core V1.02a Adds New Features:
Stutter Mode, RateLock Clock for Echo Mode
Inverted footswitch Setting (SubMenu LED 6)
PlayFX handler during 1-Shot Slice Play
Panel access to Rate UnLock
EQ CV Mode indication, + Blend bug fix
June 27 2016 .ino V1.01g Adds User settings submenu for (LED6):
1-Setting output Level to Line Level
2-ZC & softMute Course/Normal
3-Blend CV (EQ CV) selection enabled/disabled
4-Slice Stop when LOOP off enabled/disabled
5-PlayFX fine (S-E/P-S) scrubbing On/Off
7-EQ Pass Lock (new!) enabled/disabled
8-Rate Lock (complete lock) enabled/disabled.

Better PlayFX CV handling, issues resolved.
Faster Blend CV control. RGB Spectrum off in dimmest LED setting. Open ended POS/SIZE, no more end scrunching. Equalized input/output audio levels 1:1 (reduced RLL gain). Line Level quick & dirty attenuator.  PlayFX Fine mode CV's in fine ranges. Memory Erase.
Slice Play LED circle indication!
User Manual Update for V.1.01g

May 28 2016 .ino + Core V1.01e Adds User Settings, as described in User Manual release, for LED brightness, Manual or auto-cal Feedback, 3s Layer Fade, more
May 20 2016 .ino + Core V1.01d Revision after first run
Replaces old beta version